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Check Your Paper is an online tool created by WWF to raise awareness about key environmental parameters to evaluate the forest, climate and water footprint of pulp and paper products.

It helps you assess how environmentally friendly your pulp and paper is. It also provides a choice of pulp and paper products with high environmental standards for an environmentally aware market segment, and is a useful step towards implementing legal and responsible sourcing.

Check Your Paper Users' Manual


Check your Paper for buyers and interested stakeholders

Find transparent producers - Check your Paper's public rating is used by companies that show leadership in transparency and promote continual improvement. See the list of companies that published on this site

We are currently planning our next evolution of paper tools, and are not accepting new ratings at the moment. Therefore, the database is not accessible at present but you can still self-assess your paper products here.

Through the Environmental Paper Awards, which is linked to Check Your Paper tool, WWF has recognised the efforts of companies who are transparent on the environmental footprint of their paper brands and show proactive steps in reducing the forest, water and climate footprint of paper production.

Check your Paper for producers, merchants and distributors

  • Self-check for internal use: Check how your brands score on forest, climate and water performance and see areas of improvement without publishing.
  • Learn about the CYP indicator parameters for environmental paper performance. Use the Method for company internal purposes

Check Your Paper:

  • Offers a useful step towards implementing legal and responsible sourcing.
  • Is part of efforts to motivate continual improvement in the forest products sector through transparency and by showcasing good examples. Access also our case studies and public disclosures on WWF's biannual Environmental Paper Company Index.
  • is also available in Chinese for the main pulp and paper producers and buyers in China here. The Chinese "Check your Paper" is designed to support the China Sustainable Paper Alliance (CSPA) in engaging strategic market players on responsible paper products procurement and sales.

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