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The Check Your Paper method

CYP is presented as an on-line paper rating scheme where pulp and paper producers, merchants and other distributors are able to insert the data easily, and pulp and paper buyers can search for products in various categories. As responsible producers and merchants already monitor most or all performance parameters included in CYP, filling in the 5 online steps in the CYP online rating scheme should present no undue burden to a producer.

The Check Your Paper method

The Check Your Paper Method has been designed to:

  • Raise awareness on key environmental parameters to evaluate the forest, climate and water footprint of pulp and paper products
  • Reduce complexity in assessing the environmental footprint of pulp and paper products.
  • Serve as a stepping stone in implementing responsible sourcing guidelines
  • Offer a useful tool to pulp and paper buyers and producers to work towards continual improvement of their supply chains.

Pulp and paper buyers can use the method for developing a purchasing policy, and embed the parameters and their benchmark in a screening tool of suppliersManufacturers may want to use the method to support an internal environmental impact assessment.

WWF shares the Check Your Paper method freely with all interested parties. By reading the method you learn how WWF evaluates forest, water and climate performance of pulp and paper products. The method has been developed in close consultation with scientists, paper buyers, producers and other NGOs. The evaluation parameters can be used for companies’ internal discussions and for working with supplier network.

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Stakeholder participation in developing the method

The Check Your Paper Method and its previous version, the WWF Paper Scorecard, have been developed together with various stakeholders representing pulp and paper producers, paper merchants and buyers and non-governmental organisations.

The latest update was carried out in the end of 2009 and early 2010, with substantial input and interest from more than 30 paper sector players, including number of globally largest paper manufacturers and buyers from Europe, North America, Latin America and Africa.

We are constantly seeking feedback from CYP users to improve the service and to accommodate their ideas for improvement. Also, we follow recent developments in the sector in order to respond to changing regulatory frameworks and technological innovations that might result in amended thresholds for parameters.

WWF recognizes that there are other initiatives for measuring pulp and paper products' environmental impacts and values their contribution towards more sustainable pulp and paper production and use, as well as increased transparency across the pulp and paper sector.

Check your Paper Method’s unique characteristics

  • encompass forest as well as manufacturing impacts
  • provides a benchmark from average to best performance
  • has no economic incentive
  • allows all to use it for internal purposes