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Disclaimer of responsibility

Disclaimer of responsibility

Paper ratings are based on information received from paper producers and other actors in the paper value chain. WWF is not verifying this information and relies on accurate data being provided by transparent producers and merchants, as well as the third party audit undergone by paper producers. The goal is to have all papers third party audited within 12 months of appearing on this site.

WWF aims to only feature brands on this website from companies that:

  • have assessed themselves as being in compliance with market based legislation
  • are not involved in major controversial environmental and social issues as defined in the FSC policy of association.
  • do not use paper/pulp containing virgin Mixed Tropical Hardwood fibers that are not FSC certified nor FSC controlled wood.

Even though WWF aims to only feature brands from companies producing and trading legal timber, the listing on WWFs website is not providing a guarantee of legality as required by the Lacey Act or the EU Timber Regulation. Despite our efforts on due diligence, WWF can also not guarantee that companies listing brands on this website are not involved in controversial ecological and social issues nor use uncontrolled Mixed Tropical Hardwood.

WWF therefore encourages notice by users of the website if above-mentioned problems are detected with companies promoting their paper brands on this website. Please contact the WWF International Paper Team directly with details. Contact page