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Third-party auditing

Third-party auditing

WWF allows public postings by companies on Check Your Paper without verification for 12 months. This is to allow companies to get to know the tool and to get a quick first result. After 12 months, the data posted publicly on WWF´s database needs to be confirmed by a third party. This is important as WWF itself is not verifying the data posted by companies. The integrity of the figures provided on CYP is however of essence, in particular as companies are allowed to communicate their ratings. Once the paper is audited, unless there are no data changes, it remains on the database for three years after which it needs to be re-audited.

Please note: Participation in the regular Environmental Paper Awards and the use of the downloadable image for off product communication producers is reserved for third party audited papers.

A CYP audit confirms the solidity of the data and that the company has followed the guidelines on how to fill in the data correctly.

In addition to the Check Your Paper Manual there are now also Auditing guidelines available to assist the third party auditing of paper/pulp products in the framework of the WWF Check your Paper database. Access the auditing guidelines here. (docx file, 72 kB).

Low cost and low effort:

A Check Your Paper audit is a desktop study. The time and cost it takes varies with some factors, also geography, but can be negligible under the following conditions:

  • If several papers, particularly if from the same mill, are audited at once
  • If CYP audits are done at the same time of a regular certification audit (ISO, Chain of Custody...etc)
  • If the paper producer or distributor provides high quality data to the auditor

To give companies a better overview on what it takes to do an audit WWF conducted a survey of certifiers with experience in CYP audits in Europe and North America. The following table shows an example of price ranges. Please note that the prices can vary due to local conditions and specific circumstances. This example aims to provide companies with a better sense for the scope of CYP audits and also to encourage companies to consider auditing more papers at the same time for economic reasons.

Europe/North America – Price range for Check Your Paper Audits
                                                              Audit as add-on service to a regular FSC audit of the company – for up to 10 papers Audit as add-on service to a regular FSC audit of the company – for one paper Auditing up to 10 papers at the same time on CYP Auditing one paper only as stand-alone audit
Starting from 390 Euro for the first brand per mill and 120 Euro per brand if produced in the same mill Starting from around 450 per brand Starting from 600 Euro for the first brand per mill and then 150 Euro per additional brand if produced in the same mill Between 700 and 3000 Euro (for merchant brands starting from 300 Euro)

We welcome further price estimates and examples from auditors from more regions. Write to hbrandlmaier@wwfdcp.org

Please note that WWF does not recommend specific certifiers to companies - a company may choose any nationally or internationally accredited auditor for undertaking the Check Your Paper audit. For companies using FSC certified fibers an FSC accredited auditor is complusory. Companies may use auditors they already work with and attach a CYP audit to a regular audit to save costs. In addition, WWF is listing here auditors who have expressed particular interest in offering CYP audits and/or have already some experience with CYP audits.

SCS Global Services
contact: Joseph Kochanski - jkochanski@scsglobalservices.com

EnviroSense Consulting
contact: robin@envirosenseltd.co.uk

contact: tuulikki.lammi@inspecta.com

Det Norske Veritas
contact: osmo.flink@dnv.com

contact: klaus.reisinger@allplan.at

Auditors with an interest to be listed on this site please write to hbrandlmaier@wwf.panda.org

How to proceed with third-party auditing?

You need to first rate your product. The rating tool will then provide you with a detailed report card that you should send to your selected auditing company together with the auditor form to be filled out (to be found in the manual, Annex 2 and Annex 3. Access the WWF Check Your Paper Users manual here (pdf file, 264 kB).. Please note that auditing several papers at once and possibly at the same time of a certification audit will significantly reduce costs as outlined above. After submitting online the completed and signed auditor forms on Check Your Paper, your brand will be upgraded to a “third party audited” listing and you will get access to the CYP visual for your corporate communications. See an example below:

Third-party auditing"

Please see the communications guidelines at the back of the Check Your Paper manual about details of how you are allowed to communicate with this image. Access the WWF Check Your Paper Users manual here (pdf file, 264 kB).