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DNS® performance

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Forest performance:
Climate performance:
Water performance:
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Detailed Environmental Profile:

Fibre source: 40 / 40
Fossil CO2 emissions from manufacturing: 18 / 20
Waste to landfill: 5 / 10
Water pollution from bleaching: 9 / 10
Organic water pollution: 7 / 10
Environmental management systems: 10 / 10

Context information:
The company is listed in WWF's Environmental Paper Company Index
Reference year of data provided 2015
The company is participant of GFTN
92 % of uncoated papers rated on CYP
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Paper information:

Origin of manufacture: SLOVAKIA
Manufacturer Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper
Mill Mondi SCP
Product category: Uncoated papers
Grade: Woodfree Uncoated paper (WFU)
Uses: Digital papers
Printing papers
Sheets: Yes
Reel: Yes
Grammage: 50.00 - 300.00 g/m2
Whitness (ISO 11475): 145.00 - 145.00 %
Opacity (ISO 2471): 91.00 - 91.00 %
Smoothness: 130
Bulk: 0 cm3/g
Surface: Matt
Bleaching: Elemental Chlorine-free (ECF)
Fibre content: Wood-free
Eco-labels: EU Eco-label
Green Range
FSC controlled wood: No
Additional information: www.mondigroup.com/dnsperformance


DNS® performance offers a good solution for any application in laser, high-speed inkjet and offset printing.

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