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WWF Paper Scorecard & Check Your Paper Communications Code

This Communication Code has been updated in 2015. It has been developed for companies who have pulp and paper grades scored and independently verified on WWF´s Check your Paper database. As there is an increased interest of responsible buyers in transparent information about the ecological footprint of papers, companies might wish to communicate publicly and to their customers the transparency and environmental performance of their paper and pulp grades.
Communication about the pulp and paper grades listed in WWF´s Check Your Paper database is permitted as set out below in off - product promotional and marketing materials.

Public Statements and Claims permitted by companies about third party audited brands

Use the downloadable image for your off- product communication for example on company’s website and brochures. Images are available on each third party audited brand in the environmental profile section of the database after login.

You may accompany the image with the following wording:

  • COMPANY NAME has been transparent about the footprint of (Name of paper). (Name of paper) has received a score of xx%/100 in WWF's Check your Paper database”
  • COMPANY NAME has published x % of its brands in category x on WWF's Check your Paper database

Companies publishing on Check Your Paper are permitted to use the following statement in their off-product communication, so it applies to all:
"company x has shown the importance it gives to transparency and environmental performance by publicly disclosing the environmental impact of n x% of its paper type x on WWF’s Check Your Paper. Check Your Paper is a public database for pulp and paper products with high environmental standards. WWF invites pulp and paper producers to join WWF Environmental Paper Award 2016 by listing their papers on CYP."

We appreciate if you send examples of your external or internal communication on Check your Paper to hbrandlmaier@wwf.panda.org

Please note the following restriction of communication

  • On product and on package communication about WWF Check your Paper is not permitted.
  • Companies may not use the WWF panda logo or any other WWF copyrighted or trademarked material without prior written authorization from WWF. This includes the WWF initials.
  • No communication is allowed on papers that are posted in "provisional" category on WWF's Check Your Paper website